~ Kumiko ~

   "We got our baby Kumiko December 16, 2017. My friend and drove out to Dominique’s home where we picked Kumiko up. She was very welcoming and professional when it came to the pups! She informed me everything I need to know about feedings and all vet related questions that I had. She gave us a brochure showing us what shots Kumiko had already received and the ones she still needed and around what dates. I got to meet both of Kumikos’ parents who were extremely beautiful and being well behaved. Kumiko is the sweetest most intelligent animal I’ve ever known. I’m very thankful I came across this opportunity with Dominique and had such a wonderful experience with her, all the other pups and especially with Kumiko. Kumiko is loving her new home and life, we always go on adventures and she loves meeting new people and dogs. She has so much joy! She is also a natural guardian, at night she would rather lay and protect the door rather than cuddle but hey she’s an Akita! Which is a perfect companion."

Dana ~ Oregon


~ Hiro ~

"We wanted you to know how happy we are with Hiro. He is amazing. He has the most docile personality and hasn't shown any signs of aggression. He is friendly and loving. He just graduated from his beginning puppy training. His coat is absolutely beautiful. We couldn't be more happy. Thought we'd thank you again, so much!"
Rhonda & Brian ~ Medford, OR



~ Sake ~

"Just wanted to let you know that Sake is doing well!! Sleeping much better, has her vet check set up for next week, and has been working on sit and come!  She has been very good w potty training and has picked a corner of the yard which is great!  She is working on leash training in the back yard and sleeps crated at night!  We LOVE ️ her." "

Lisa & Greg ~ Livermore, CA




~ Riggs~                                                                                 ~Lady ~

The owners of Riggs were so please with the temperament and quality of our Akitas that they returned to us for their second pup. This girl was from Ling Ling.

The owner of Lady has been a repeat customer as well. She owns one female from our Holland and another from our co-breedersYoshi. 


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